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wind turbine foundation - motivat - 12-02-2010

hi! i'm researching wind turbine foundations for a master's thesis and was wondering if anyone has any foundation detailing plans for a traditional onshore wind turbine...i've seen the other threads on this site and googled what i could about the subject(i've seen the pekka maunu thesis).can anyone help ? i greatly appreciate!

RE: wind turbine foundation - justas1986 - 03-15-2011


My master thesis is also about wind turbine foundation. Maybe we could help each other with some collected information about wind turbines and its foundation.

RE: wind turbine foundation - ssobhan - 03-15-2011


This file is a MS thesis on wind turbine foundation with title " Finite element analysis of an offshore wind turbine generator monopile foundation" that i download from PROQUEST only for you.

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