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Internet connection - chigozie - 10-22-2010

Internet connection

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I have an access to an internet connection point (wireless). The problem is that, at times, I lose connection. Computer diagnosis said that I am a bit away from the connection point even when graph of the strength of the signal show that the signal is strong enough for me to have a connection. At time, even when the signal is so low, I get uninterrupted connection. I suspect that someone or something is blocking me. Could anyone suggest to me what I am to do as to always maintain my connection (such as installing software or installing an antenna-if that exists?)

RE: Internet connection - mdmh10 - 10-23-2010

If you suspect someone is breaking into your PERSONAL wireless connection, just change the password, or switch it to MAC specific addresses. Sometimes when too many people are accessing a specific point it will either temporarily drop you or be too slow for comfort.

If you are using a FRIENDS (a.k.a. neighbors) connection you got a sensitivity case, in which case I will not be able to help you much, I do not know of any technology to improve your access range for WiFi. N-routers are typically a bit faster and has some greater range which you may try to do if you have an agreement with them. (In the US sometimes people agree to share the payment of an internet connection as well as the access in apartments)


RE: Internet connection - Smithy - 10-23-2010

Not sure where you live and how congested the space is by other wireless routers in your neighborhood. If you have access to the router (which I am supposing you would have otherwise it would be dangerous for you as all your transactions can be intercepted by the router owner), then the easy way would be to change the channel frequency which the signals are being transferred at. This (I am told) works in crowded areas with signal dropping too often because of interference.

Hope that would solve your problem.


RE: Internet connection - chigozie - 10-23-2010

This is a public access point and I am not doing anything illegal as such have nothing to hide. So I do not have the need that someone does not snoop into it. My need is that I have a constant connection. All my secluded dealings, I do within the office, using the office internet connection. Again, I leave in a reserved area (not a congested space), though there are other users around, most of them use their own private wireless connections.
I am neither using a router as such cannot change the channel frequency from which the signals are being transmitted. Any other suggestion please.