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Request: HTML color codes - dinu69in - 04-09-2010

Hi All,

After joinig our forum only I am using HTML tags.
Can anyone provide the different color codes ?
These are hexadecimal numbers, I hope.


RE: Request: HTML color codes - BennyP - 04-09-2010

You can use my code (simplified version of HTML).

See Help\MyCode

No hexadecimal and enough for posting. You post engineering content and not try to build a Web Site.

[Image: 76089285648123823325.gif]

Pressing the down arrow near the A you can see the colors and input the hexadecimal code.

Pressing the A will close the code.

The tools offered in the above window are enough for our activity.

I used here some codes for demonstration but i don't recommend the use. Is more important to post usefull content in the right place and to use the codes only to emphasize some important words and not like one of our multiuser (banned) using big charcters in caps and many colors.