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Full Version: Sugar silo storage - info request
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Dear Friends,

I'm dimensioning a large sugar silo storage and I need more information about bulk sugar storage data (repose angle (32º), cohesion, density (0,87 ton/m³ ?), friction coefficient, etc.,)

Any information will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Dell Brett
Dear Dell,

I found in prEN 1991-1-1:2001, to be exact: Eurocode 1: Actions on structures - Part 1-1: General actions - Densities, self-weight, imposed loads for buildings (July 2001), page 39 :

Sugar loose, piled:
density = 7,5 to 10 [kN/m3]
angle of repose = 35°

Sugar dense and bagged:
density = 16 [kN/m3]
angle of repose = - (none)

AND in prEN1991-4 (Silos and tanks) (Final PT draft (Stage 34) 5 March 2003), page 96 :
Lateral pressure ratio (K) for sugar = 0,14
Angle of internal friction (φI degrees) = 0,14
Wall friction coefficient (μ) = 0,05

Hope it helps. Best regards.