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Full Version: need help removing all traces
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Hi I have a small home office with 4 pcs. We have licensed copies of Autocad 2020 on 3 of the PCs. Two of them had unlicensed copies of Autocad 2017 on them before we put the licensed 2020 on them. Autodesk wants us to run Autodesk Scanwin for an audit and send them a data file to review our 'Compliance'. I'm sure as it stands now, if I run that software it will find traces of the old unlicensed software and they will not be happy. We did purchase genuine licenses long before we were ever contacted by them for the audit. Can someone please help me by providing steps to completely remove all traces of the old pirated software from the PCs that had them on it, so the audit software cannot find it? Thank you for any help!