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Full Version: Question about One way shear check for piled raft foundation
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Dear Civilean

For mat foundation most of time we got its thickness from punching check (two way shear) , no one care about one way shear check in mat foundation at least this is what I observed by reading tons of books! is kind of that they tell you that for mat foundation if punching is ok then the one way shear also will be ok.

My question is what about piled raft foundation, do we need to check one way shear? if yes, how we can check it ? is it ok to just take the entire width of mat for checking one way shear as ACI mentioned? or we need to check it through stress evaluation inside the piled raft? or if we checked the punching and the flexural reinforcement be reasonable for selected thickness, that is all we need.

Most of piled raft design references concentrate on interaction between piles piles, raft piles, piles soil, raft soils, and have no information about how to calculate thickness for piled raft foundation system ! so please if you know a good reference for it tell me, thanks
Check this reference on Page 15 and 18.
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