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The biggest special sale was started for the first time for limited time.

Eid al-Adha or Eid Qurban, is the second of two Islamic holidays celebrated worldwide each year, CivilEA with respect to this big event start the biggest special sale.

Concrete Typical Detail Drawings (Native Files) [s]89USD
>13USD  (85% OFF)

Interactive AISC Standards, Design Guides, Examples, Manuals, FAQs & ... 40USD>9USD (80% OFF)

2019 ACI Collection of Codes, Specifications, Guides, Reports,Technical Notes and ... 89USD>19USD (80% OFF)

Bearing capacity of shallow foundations 45USD>15USD (70% OFF)

All Type Beam to Column Connections - Excell Sheets design 40USD>8USD (80% OFF)

Typical Connection Drawings [Native Files] 89USD>10USD (90% OFF)

Compressor Equipment (Dynamic Foundation) Package (Cal. Note, DWG, SAFE file & …) 39USD>18USD (50% OFF)

Blower (Dynamic & Static) Equipment Foundation Package (CN, DWG, SAFE file) 39USD>18USD (50% OFF)[/s]
Today is last day of special offer
Good day.

Is there any ASTM full collection like the ones in AISC and ACI?