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Full Version: Ansys Mechanical Price
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Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I am wondering if any of you would know how much does a license for ANSYS Workbench Mechanical actually cost?

This information is extremely elusive. I can't find it anywhere on the internet. I really hate that these companies simply don't publish how much their software cost!

Thank you so much!
Dear scudelari
why don't you try to contact them on their website and find out.
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That price depends on many things.
Student versions are free.
University/Academic licence was around 2000euro. I think our faculty paid around that kind of money at the time of version 14.0 Workbench structural licence. That price also depends on number of elements.
Industry level licences are in tens of thousands of euros/dollars. It all depends on number/type of modules, number of licences, etc.
The full version with everything (version that you can find cracked) is, I believe, over 50k$.

Or see Rami1976 post.