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Full Version: Lecture notes
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Dear all,

first I apologize if this is a wrong section to post in, but I couldn't find better place to make this request.

Aiming to make comparison of what students learn in Croatian universities and in other universities, I kindly ask all of you who are able to share your lecture notes from the following courses (or equivalents):

- Modeling of structures (e.g. numerical / finite element modeling) - bachelor or master degree
- Remediation of structures - bachelor or master degree
- Concrete structures - bachelor or master degree
- Dynamic soil-structure interaction - master or PhD degree
- Signal processing - master or PhD degree

It is often the case that lectures are restricted for download from university web sites so I wonder if someone has some material that can share here. I would appreciate very much a PowerPoint presentation or PDF. Also, I will appreciate very much if you can share copies of old exams or tasks that one needs to accomplish during a semester.

If more convenient you can share your material with me via Private Messaging.

Kind regards,

p.s. I'll be able to cope with materials in English, German, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Spanish and French. I'm fine with Cyrillic or Latin.