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Full Version: CivilEA Bug Report
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Yes, now works. Look at your post after modifying it.
This button position has changed.

[Image: 03471295274034938743.png]
Check your screen resolution. On my computer is OK and Even in my IPad is OK.
Dear Admin

in the thread below I can't delet the post #3. There is no delete option in the "inline post moderation" tab

Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:

[Image: 15030070711508810976.jpg]

[Image: 17631752418560742982.jpg]


Do you have same tools for other topics in same section?
Yes, I have already tried with other topics in the same thread and the tools are the same.
Dear Admin,

Looks like the bug is solved

[Image: 65923210828248839480.jpg]

Thank you!


Dear Admin,

As I know today, there should be topic named "ASCE", under Codes part. But I can not see it:

[Image: 47483240590872781539.jpg]
^ ASCE section is exist and I can see it. Also I checked your permissions and found it is OK.
let me know all others can see it or not?
Not only exists, the last post there is by pezhmankhan

[Image: 42855256365698872061.jpg]
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