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Full Version: New Moderators
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after Cod-x & juice now kamran is our new moderator for Persian section.

we congratulation to kamran & we are happy that we have such moderator like cod-x, juice & kamran :D
juice & kamran now is our moderator.
kamran now is our super moderator.
oanm2000 is candidate of moderator.

congratulation ti him :heart:
juice is now super moderator
BennyP is one of best user of our forum.
he is now a candidate of moderator of our forum.

congratulation to him.
oanm2000 & BennyP upgrade from candidate to moderator.
BennyP was upgraded to Super Moderators.

concreteok, Dell Brett, robertsas

now are candidate of moderating for book section, we are planing to make book section no.1 by helping these friends.

be ready for hearing good news ....
Dell Brett upgraded to "Moderator"

Oanm2000 upgraded to "Super Moderator"

Congratulation To them & hope will be succeed.
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