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Dear friens,
For structural drawings in our country we use autocad(2D). The drawings takes 80% of project time.
[/u]If the revision exist because of architectural changing, structural drawings become trouble for us. Which program do you use in your office and dou you have any suggestion?
Best regards.
For reinforced concrete detailing we use ARMCAD 2005.
For structural steel detailing I think Tekla Structure is fast and reliable.
Watch a trend: BIM Projects (Building Information Modeling).
For sure it's the future of integrated projects for all specialties (Architectural, Structural, Electrical HAC, Water and Sanitary, etc.) and the idea (and main advantage) will be the possibility of on time revisions and modifications.

I use some integrated products: -Programs that make a complete analyses, dimensioning and detailing that have some facilities for changes and revisions (See TQS and EBERICK in Brazil).

Of course, wile not full implemented for most of the offices, albani suggestions must be considered, adding Graitec products.

Take a look at Nemetschek too... And pay attention a lot of LISP's programs to run into AutoCAD to facilitate your live in revisions and modifications.

Good luck!
We in Iran use Saze90 for concrete drawing, and AbarSazeha or SazeNegar for steel drawings.

All of them read ETABS model as input and make drawings (Automatic Rebar Detailing, Beam, Columns & Braces layout and details, include connections design) automatically in AutoCAD or Tekla, creates MTO and ... . Each has a price between 1000-2000$, does not exists any medicine.
Out of curiosity Pezhmankhan: - It's easy to edit modifications in this programs?
If changes are big, No and you have to import projects from ZERO (but their programmer try to add a function to load models again and updates its model and drawings and not complete drawings.

But if changes are little for example changes in some section and rebar yes, also they are some attributes in AutoCAd and Tekla environment and you can apply changes by Source program tools.
We work a lot with tensile structures, so the detailing is non-consistent and the blocks are all dependant on a variety of things. Further no BIM program i know has any work on tensile structure and detailing options.

I heard some time back that ixCube was planning to come out with such a system, but i guess thats in the future.

We use rhino for our 3Ds, and most of our geometry of repetitive structures can be worked within grasshopper, and rhino has a very nice history function.

but i am sure with the more complex and standard detailing Nemetschek, TEKLA, STRAP (concrete beam and column detailing at least) are good options. Of course, you will have to work on the drawing set still, since every company has their nuances...
I also have the similar issue as OP has.

But I'm in bridge engineering, any recommendation/experience to share for bridge engineer?