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Full Version: Private Image Host for CivilEA users
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please don`t use any other image hosts for uploading pictures.
You shall use our upload center to upload image, you can use remote upload to move images from other server to our server:

[Image: zzfin8wbq1xm9qi0u7fq.jpg]

[Image: w12pegfy46nzgylpe6u4.jpg]
Dear Admin
what is next step ?
how can I insert image to post ?
because I tried as you explained but I can not insert image to post
sorry for disturbance
Do what all of us do every day. Use our image host. Login, go to Home, press Browse and select your image and Start Uploading.
The image in example is for remote upload.
Use the link (in the first row) in the next screen (near the image) and include it between [img][/img] codes if you don't use for posting the Post Generator.