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I would like to start a technical database here for reference. Hope the members will support.

I proposed the following data to be included, i start with mine;

years in civil eng: 10
designation: c&s design engineer
company business: development/construction
practising area: malaysia
reference code/standard: british
interest/specialty: reinforced concrete building
User name : amaranu
years in civil eng : 16 (structural engineer-Buildings)
designation : Manager, Designs
company business : Post-tensioned flat slab design and execution
practising area : India
reference code/standard: british / India
interest/specialty : reinforced concrete building
Hi, Guys

Years in design : 10 yrs
Designation : Senior Structural Engineer
Company Business : Structural Consultants
Practising area : UAE
Code References : British - American
Intrested areas : Concrete-Steel/ High rise towers

This is a really nice place for design engineers, this introduction thread will show the technical solidity of this site.

Going good guys...
Years in design : 5 yrs
Designation : Junior Structural Engineer
Company Business : Engineering Consultants
Practising area : UAE-Dubai
Code References : British & American
Intrested areas : Concrete/Steel/Post-tensioned Slab
Years in design : 2yrs
Designation : senior Research Fellow
Company Business : Education Field
Practising area : INDIA
Code References : INDIA
Intrested areas : Seismic Base Isolation, Earthquake Engg
Years in design : since December 2008
Designation : Faculty
Company Business : Education
Practising area : Croatia
Code References : EUROCODE, HRN EN
Intrested areas : Concrete Structures Engineering Earthquake Engineering, Modeling of Structures
May i request for other 'specialist' to identify themselves? Especially those in geotechnics and highways/roadworks.
Years in design : 20 yrs
Designation : Senior Structural Engineer
Company Business : Engineering Consultants
Practicing area : US
Code References : IBC, ACI, AISC,
Interested areas : Concrete/Steel/Wood
Years in design : 7 yrs
Designation : Structural Engineer
Company Business : Tensile Structure, Steel Design
Practicing area : Bahrain
Code References : ASCE 7-05, BS6399, BS5950, AISC
Interested areas : Tensile structure, steel
years in civil eng: 12
designation: senior design engineer
company business: consultancy
practising area: u.a.e
reference code/standard: british, aci, aisc, ubc/ibc
interest/specialty: concrete/steel/post tension design/tekla detailing
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