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Full Version: Static and Dynamic Response of a Sandwich Structure Under Axial Compression
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Static and Dynamic Response of a Sandwich Structure Under Axial Compression

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This thesis is concerned with a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the static and dynamic response of an axially compressed sandwich structure. For the static response problem of sandwich structures, a two-dimensional mechanical model is developed to predict the global and local buckling of a sandwich beam, using classical elasticity. The face sheet and the core are assumed as linear elastic orthotropic continua in a state of planar deformation. General buckling deformation modes (periodic and non-periodic) of the sandwich beam are considered. On the basis of the model developed here, validation and accuracy of several previous theories are discussed for different geometric and material properties of a sandwich beam. The appropriate incremental stress and conjugate incremental finite strain measure for the instability problem of the sandwich beam, and the corresponding constitutive model are addressed. The formulation used in the commercial finite element package is discussed in relation to the formulation adopted in the theoretical derivation. The Dynamic response problem of a sandwich structure subjected to axial impact by a falling mass is also investigated. The dynamic counterpart of the celebrated Euler buckling problem is formulated first and solved by considering the case of a slender column that is impacted by a falling mass. A new notion, that of the time to buckle is introduced, which is the corresponding critical quantity analogous to the critical load in static Euler buckling. The dynamic bifurcation buckling analysis is extended to thick sandwich structures using an elastic foundation model. A comprehensive set of impact test results of sandwich columns with various configurations are presented. Failure mechanisms and the temporal history of how a sandwich column responds to axial impact are discussed through the experimental results. The experimental results are compared against analytical dynamic buckling studies and finite element based simulation of the impact event.

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