Beam Column Capacity Ratio
I have a problem with the beam column capacity ratio at ETABS v.9.7.1.
When I used the ACI 318-05 to design the concrete frame, I can not to display the beam column capacity ratio. the result is N/A (not applicable) at the beam column capacity ratio out put.
But when I used the ACI 318-99 to design the concrete frame, I have no problem and I can to display the result of beam column capacity ratio.

Is there someone who can help me to solve this problem?

Best regards

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According to ETABS 9.7.0, following are the rules where it calculates the beam column capacity ratio:
Rules: Beam-column capacity ratio is only determined for a station
a) if the station has a beam-column joint (top of the column),
b) if the frame is a ductile moment resisting frame,
c) if the column above is a concrete column when it exists,
d) if all the beams framing into the column are concrete beams,
e) if the connecting member design results are available, and
f) if the load combo involves seismic load.

Kindly check your model for above.
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I have re-check my model and have no problem for the above rules. I think there is no problem with my model because if I change the concrete design code with the oldest code like ACI 318-99, there is no problem with Beam-column capacity ratio in ETABS.

dear foli,

i think you are right. i spent an hour over small model.
unfortunately, i could not get any result from 318-05.

it seems there is bug about this code.


jaffa kree
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dear ascetic19 & foli,

I import etabs v6 model(very old version) to v9.7.1

Result of analyze is ok:
v6 and v9.7.1 have the same displacements and member forces.

But i got the same problem:
ACI 318-05: no result (N/A)
ACI 318-99: no problem

I think maybe we miss something in v9.7.1

Best regards

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Dear all,

Yes, I had try in ETABS v. 9.6 for all ACI 318 there is no problem.

But in ETABS v 9.5 for ACI 318-02 is no problem but ACI 318-05 has problem.

and ETABS v .9.7.1, I have same problem with ACI 318-05.

anyone could explain ??


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You should check to see if you have a strong column - weak beam, sometimes that's the problem and all you have to do is increase the size of the column. I did once what some of you were saying about changing the code, that's right it pases with ACI318-99 ist's not an error it's just that the 05 and further codes have more requirements.

Good Bye I hope this helps you a little bit
dear vccalderon,

i tried what you said
but there is no solution.

on the other hand if you look at the joint shear calculation in cloumn design window,
the program does not recognize the rebar areas from elements. i think this is the problem

program; design according to 318-05, can not read rebar areas

jaffa kree
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Also I did many trails and I got the same results
Etabs design the joint based on ACI 99 and ACI 2002 but No desgin result for ACI 2005
I will search again and if I get any new results I will Inform.
Now It is a Bug inside Etabs
I prepared one model in Sap 14.2 and same model in Etabs 9.7.1
both of them Support ACI 2005/IBC 2003
I got results for design of joint with Sap
But I got non result for design of joint with Etabs N/A
So It is Bug with Etabs Program
Hoping next realse they will fix this bug

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