About arch beam buckling coefficient(K)
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Do you have any idea about buckling coefficient (K) of arch beam and what is the unbreaced lenght of it?

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It depends on the end restraints and the ratio f/l of the beam
any reffrences for exact values for these problems? i not found yet except for non prismatic column and beam.

i'll use standard FE software where's capable to perform elastic buckling anlysis, reduced stiffness to account residual stress, make new geometry due to notional load perpendicular to force being consider in buckling analysis to represent geometric inperfection in pabricated and construction stage.
(09-04-2010, 09:07 PM)spyridoula Wrote: It depends on the end restraints and the ratio f/l of the beam

Two hings,the beam has uniform I section and f/l=0.35
What is the unbaced lenght of this beam?Total or half of the curved lenght?
I aswered your question here:

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The coefficient is B=1,16
This means buckling length B*Lo, where Lo half the curved length

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