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PE Exam-Geotech Module-Video Tutorial - OSHO - 07-05-2010

PE Exam-Geotech Module-Video Tutorial

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To help you prepare for the PE Exam, ASCE and SmartPros, Ltd. have created this multimedia electronic learning course in cooperation with the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section (BSCES), featuring seven of top civil engineering instructors. The SmartPros, Ltd. team of a dozen instructional designers worked over a period of eight months with the seven BSCES instructors who present the live classroom version of the course. Their goal: to convert the classroom course into an interactive multimedia experience that simulates taking the real-life PE Exam.
This is not a teaching course, it's a review course, a refresher. And this is reflected in its design. First of all, it's up to you to choose the topics you want to review for the exam. These topics are divided into modules, each presenting a series of problems-in exactly the format you will encounter them on the actual PE Exam. The course materials are updated regularly to ensure that they conform to the current PE Exam format and content, and includes the new Construction Supplement for the new construction module that is now part of the PE Exam.
You'll start with a demonstration exam problem. You can call on as much or as little help as you need to solve this problem, including getting the instructor (in full-motion video) to walk you through the problem step by step. Then you'll progress to a practice problem with minimal help available. Finally, you'll take a posttest, where you'll be on your own. Of course, the effectiveness of this type of e-learning is that if you do not pass the posttest, you can simply go back and review the module again, then re-take the posttest. The Construction Supplement is a manual that will explain theory, solutions and sample exam questions.
Seven complete modules reflective of the PE Exam sponsored by NCEES
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in one package, averaging approximately seven hours of instruction each, for a total of approximately 50 hours of learning based on over 2,500 pages of scripts and storyboards. Each of six modules in the PE exam are covered in the course:Geotechnical; Structural; Transportation; Water Resources and Environmental; Transportation and Construction (new hard copy supplement). Also, there are two bonus sections with Economics and Surveying review as additional resources to help you prepare for the exam. In addition to demonstration and practice problems, there are extensive video instructor walkthroughs of each requirement of a PE Exam situation, accompanied by on-screen displays of the corresponding formulas and equations.
The course also includes electronic versions of all the "visual aids" and reference materials that an engineer might take into the examination. These include complete sets of equations, formulas, graphs, tables, diagrams, and where applicable, video clips of sample tests. The course also incorporates an audio pronunciation glossary of Greek letters and an onscreen scientific calculator, as well as animated models and illustrations of key concepts and processes, such as Consolidation.

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