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Full Version: How to properly request for reupload when the links are all dead?
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Dear Administrators,

I have a question regarding a request for new link (when all old ones are dead) for the existing thread (e.g. book which is in section "eBooks"):
- is it appropriate to make a new thread with a request in subsection "Books, Codes, Theses, Journals & Papers Request"

- or I can ask for a new link inside the existing thread in "eBooks"
I would like to obey rules, but I am not sure for this one.
thank you in advance!
Never open a new thread in any place when a similar exists. Use search and even after posting, look at "Possibly Related Threads..." in the bottom of the page. In this case ask a moderator to merge before receiving a warning for duplicate. When in an existing thread the links are dead ask there. The same you can add new links and mirrors in the existing thread even if not all links are dead. About posts in no request sections is possible to open a new thread for a new edition of a book or a new version of a program but always use the Post Generator for not finding the post deleted or moved to Bad Posts.
Dear Atram,

For DEAD LINKS report, and only for this, you must use the same thread to report.
All others reports must be done using the report button and,
All new request (including different edition of books or complementary publications) must be done as a new request.

I know that the report button intuits that it's OK use it for any type of report, but in this forum isn't true.

Regards and keep active!